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eduMEET - browser-based video conferencing

eduMEET is an open, browser-based video conferencing for research and education (R&E) community designed and developed within GÉANT project. It offers easy to use, secure, and affordable video conferencing service for the international research, education and art community as an alternative to commercial solutions. In Ukraine, eduMEET is provided and supported by the URAN Association.

To start using the service just open the link https://edumeet.uran.ua. The next step is to create and name a new virtual room or join an existing one – and start communicating.

During the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the eduMEET service is provided free of charge

The staff of the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics has developed the guidance on eduMEET (Ukr.) which is kindly offered to visitors to our site (in Ukrainian only).

The main features of eduMEET are:
  • audio and video communication;
  • chat;
  • оfile sharing;
  • screen demonstration.

eduMEET software has Ukrainian localisation. If in your browser the Ukrainian language has priority over English, then you will see eduMEET interface in Ukrainian.

Differences from Webclass

URAN also has another web conferencing tool, WebClass. These platforms serve different purposes. Webclass has great functionality - a blackboard, a pointer, grouping participants in different "rooms", the ability to make presentations, etc. But it also requires more technical resources and certain skills on the part of the event organizers. eduMEET is ideal for quick group meetings without prior training, requires no training and works quickly because it is not overloaded with features.

Potential users:
  • R&E community -
    as a supporting service in daily work and international research cooperation.
  • Integrators -
    creators and developers of integrated solutions (e.g. for medicine or education) where the video conferencing tool is an important part of the whole platform.
  • Art society -
    easy-to-use collaboration platform for remote education and live art performing.
  • Many other sectors and activities -
    when there is a need in an easy-to-use tool for online communication.
  • Easy-to-use -
    runs without the need to install any additional clients or plugins. Only a web-browser, microphone and simple web-camera are needed
  • Practical -
    has a simple and intuitive interface and basic functionality, so it does not overload the processor of your device (computer, phone, tablet)
  • Secure -
    provides secure link of good quality.

For consultations please contact the URAN technical department at the e-mail

See more at edumeet.org.